SoftBlock™ is a kernel-based forensic write-blocking tool that quickly identifies devices upon connection, and depending on user preference, mounts them in either a forensically sound read-only manner or a conventional read-write configuration. This product is designed for both large scale forensic lab environments as well as for individual investigators where the need is to preview and analyze one or more evidentiary devices. Offering an incredibly light software footprint, SoftBlock™ avoids the need for multiple cumbersome hardware write-blocking devices and allows investigators to quickly and safely mount and unmount multiple devices as needed.


MacQuisition™ offers the most comprehensive forensic imaging solution for Macs. Built and tested against over 10 years of Mac systems, MacQuisition™ works with over 185 known Mac computers, offering examiners the most reliable solution to avoid complicated and timely take-aparts. This tool is built upon the core of Apple’s OS X operating system, offering the truest method for booting and forensically imaging Macs.Note: MacQuisition is designed specifically to work with Mac OS X and will not acquire iPhone or iPad devices. Please consider BlackLight for acquiring iPhone and iPad data.


BlackLight™ was developed by leading Mac and iOS forensic analysts as a comprehensive tool to help investigators conduct digital forensic investigations on Mac OS X computers, iPhones and iPads. BlackLight™ is designed with both novice and advanced users in mind, and offers a clean interface featuring easy navigation and powerful advanced options. The BlackLight™ graphical user interface (GUI) was specifically designed to give forensic examiners both robust capabilities, and an intuitive and elegant user experience throughout all phases of a digital forensic investigation.


 Mobilyze is a mobile data triage tool, designed to giver users immediate access to data from Android and IOS devices. In the past, backlogs of smartphones would pile up as agencies had to  rely solely on thier investigators with specialized training, now you have Mobilyze !